Lab News


2021-09-03 Carol joins the lab. Welcome Carol!

2021-09-01 Nick joins the lab. Welcome Nick!

2021-08-05 Mengyang and Rebecca present posters at the Brandeis SciFest X. Good job Mengyang and Rebecca!

2021-07-06 Anna joins the lab. Welcome Anna!

2021-07-01 Uddipan joins the lab. Welcome Uddipan!

2021-05-06 Miranda defends her undergraduate thesis, wins highest Honors for her research in the Ivanovic lab. Congratulations Miranda!

2021-05-05 BrandeisNOW article “How we might banish the flu forever” describes the Ivanovic lab’s research on filamentous flu particles

2021-05-03 Miranda receives the Professor Dagmar Ringe Biochemistry Award. Congratulations Miranda! This award is given to a female Biochemistry senior who has an excellent record of undergraduate research and has been accepted into a PhD or MD/PhD program for the next year in some field of the biological or biochemical sciences.

2021-05-01 Mengyang wins the Blavatnik Summer Science Research fellowship for summer of 2021. Congratulations Mengyang!

2021-03-20 The ‘filaments’ paper is published in Nature Microbiology!

2021-02-23 Tijana gives a talk at the 2021 Future of Biophysics Burroughs Wellcome Fund Symposium

2021-01-15 Melissa and Shivani join the lab. Welcome Melissa and Shivani!


2020-08-11 Jonah and Steven join the lab. Welcome Jonah and Steven!

2020-07-08 Photonics Online article “Understanding Virus Mechanisms – One Particle At A Time” describes the Ivanovic lab’s use of TIRF to study membrane fusion and membrane penetration of individual virus particles

2020-06-28 Mengyang joins the lab. Welcome Mengyang!

2020-06-16 Brandeis Magazine article “Scientists Shift Their Focus to Join the Coronavirus Fight” describes the Ivanovic lab’s use of TIRF microscopy

2020-06-12 The Ivanovic lab is listed in Brandeis Alumni article “In a Time of Darkness, They Are Brandeis’ Brightest Lights”

2020-05-05 Zhenyu is awarded the Nathan O. Kaplan Prize in Biochemistry. Congratulations Zhenyu! The Kaplan award is given out each year to an outstanding undergraduate research student, in honor of Nathan O. Kaplan, a Brandeis Biochemistry professor from 1957-1967.

2020-04-29 Rebecca joins the lab virtually. Welcome Rebecca!

2020-04-09 BrandeisNow article “Brandeis researchers tackle COVID-19” describes research from the Ivanovic lab on COVID-19


2019-11-14 The lab celebrates the filaments paper submission on bioRxiv. Congratulations Tian on your careful dissection of a flu’s unanticipated evolvability strategy! Congratulations Zhenyu, Meisui, and Erin!

2019-08-25 The first annual lab pool and barbecue party was a success!

2019-08-08 Zhenyu and Miranda present posters at the Brandeis SciFest IX. Good job Zhenyu and Miranda!

2019-06-21 The Ivanovic lab welcomes the newest member. Welcome to this world, Vanessa!

2019-04-05 Zhenyu wins a Provost’s URF grant for his research project in the lab. Congratulations Zhenyu!

2019-03-04 Miranda wins a MRSEC Summer Materials Undergraduate Research Fellowship to support her research in the lab on “Uncovering the Mechanism of Reovirus Uncoating by Molecular Chaperone Hsc70”. Congratulations Miranda!


2018-08-11 The Ivanovic lab welcomes the newest member. Welcome to this world, Nikola!

2018-08-02 Dhruv, Miranda, and Devon present posters at the Brandeis ScieFest VIII. Good job Dhruv, Miranda, and Devon!

2018-04-30 Meisui defends her undergraduate thesis, wins highest Honors for her research in the Ivanovic lab. Congratulations Meisui! We are so proud of your successes! Have fun at the Harvard Medical School! We will miss you at the lab!

2018-06-01 Miranda and Erin join the lab. Welcome Miranda and Erin!

2018-02-28 Brandeis Magazine article “Novel Vaccine Research Is a Shot in the Arm” describes the Ivanovic’s use of TIRF microscopy to study viruses

2018-02-20 Zhenyu joins the lab. Welcome Zhenyu!


2017-10-05 BrandeisNow article “The fight against flu” describes the focus of the Ivanovic lab’s research

2017-10-05 NIH Director’s high-risk research awards announced. Tijana wins a 2017 NIH Director’s New Innovator Award (NIH Common Fund DP2). Congratulations Tijana!

2017-09-21 Lab lunch

2017-08-03 Meisui and Eli present posters at the Brandeis SciFest VII. Good job Meisui and Eli!

2017-06-01 Tian joins the lab. Welcome Tian!

2017-05-30 Elias starts QBREC Summer Research Project. Welcome Eli!

2017-04-26 Tijana and Ben Rogers win a Provost’s Research Award

2017-03-20 Meisui wins a 2017 MRSEC Summer Materials Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations Meisui!

2017-02-24 Amal Rahmeh visits the lab and gives a talk for the Biochemistry and Biophysics Seminar Series


2016-09-01 Meisui joins the lab. Welcome Meisui!

2016-01-01 The first day of the Ivanovic lab!


2015-11-01 Tijana wins an NSF Brandeis BioInspired Soft Materials MRSEC Seed grant. Congratulations Tijana!